Monday, April 10, 2006

Swimming basic techniques

Day 1:

The following lessons were thought on the first day of my swimming lesson.

(a) Breathing pattern or rythm is extremely important. Maintaining calmness in a different
terrain is also important. Slow exhaling under the water, with free floating helps to practice breathing, and maintaining calmness

(b) Floating straight, and breathing underneath water with a small push from side. You learn balancing, calmness, and breathing

(c) Floating with a support, and slowly but systematically beating the leg is the next
thing to practice. This helps balancing, rythymic relaxed tapping of leg, and floating.

(d) Floating with a support, and slowly doing freestyle. Hold the board with one hand,
and move the other hand in a rotating fashion. Make sure you hold the board in
the middle.

(e) Freestyle with breathing exercise on your side.

(f) Floating on back with the board in your hand. Slowly kick the legs to feel the motion

(h) Floating on back with the board in your hand. Kick the leg like a frog. Bend the leg little,
and tilt the foot. Make a large rotating circle and kick and come back to the normal position

(i) Floating on the back with the board on your legs to help you float. Now, rotate the hands
like a fly-wheel. The thumb should come up first and the pingy should go first inside the water.
Balance and be calm when you do this.