Friday, November 13, 2009

Impact of Kolmogorov

He is considered as one of the leading mathematician of 20th century for his contribution in probability, real-analysis and other topics. I would like to devote some of my time to read his books on real-analysis and probability.

I also enjoyed of brief snippet given about Kolmogorov (taken from here)

"To this school he devoted a major proportion of his time over many years, planning syllabuses, writing textbooks, spending a large number of teaching hours with the children themselves, introducing them to literature and music, joining in their recreations and taking them on hikes, excursions, and expeditions. ... [Kolmogorov] sought to ensure for these children a broad and natural development of the personality, and it did not worry him if the children in his school did not become mathematicians. Whatever profession they ultimately followed, he would be content if their outlook remained broad and their curiosity unstifled. Indeed it must have been wonderful to belong to this extended family of [Kolmogorov]"



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