Thursday, March 27, 2008

Videos of Astronomy, Science and Technical talks and interview

(0) Stanford university Electronics Colloquium Online talks

(1) 50 years in Space at Caltech
I watched talk by Dr. Abdul Kalam

(2) NOVA PBS Science NOW

(3) Conversation with History at Berkeley

(4) Google Tech Talks

(5) The Science Network channel

(6) UCSD Guestbook Talks

(7) TED Talks

(8) UC Berkeley Hitchcock lectures

(9) NASA SciFiles Video Documentary

(10) NASA Destination Tomorrow Videos

(11) NASA Connect program

(12) U.K Science trust archives

(13) UC Berkeley Online FREE Video Courses

(14) MIT Lectures FREE Video Courses
Things I watched in this:
(1) Prof. Walter Lewin: Classical Physics

(15) MIT Talks/Seminars Online

(16) The Mechanical Universe & Beyond by CALTECH

(17) Outstanding online materials for learning Math, Science and History


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