Sunday, May 08, 2005



I am really happy to enter into the world of blogging. I tried many times to kick-start the process of writing a diary but things did not go as well as I planned. First, my handwriting is not good (to say mildly) so I do not like to read them back. Second, I have lots of diary and in each one I scribble something but latter on I move to another diary which makes it later very hard to a find coherent story. Thirdly, many pages of my diary goes empty because I do not have something interesting to say every day. Finally, I would like to share my diaries with a selected group of people. So I find blogs to be more interesting medium to communicate my thoughts and make my mind flow freely. Flow like a clear stream of water over pebbles, bushes, trees, rocks other things.

This brings me to a nice point of discussion. Can we compare our mind also to a flowing stream of water ? This flowing stream of water finally merges with the ocean (God) and becomes in-separable. Just like in various flowing water/river, the real world or the environment pollutes it. Some rivers are fortunate to flow down-stream directly to the ocean without any obstacles. Some river has to take a tough paths, fall drastically and climb up again and finally reach the oceans. As the rivers flows it enriches the people who live around it by improving their life. Some level of pollution of the river is unavoidable because it has to be in touch with various kinds of life-style of society. But some rivers reach a state where the pollution level reach an alarming state making it difficult to call it a river. I can say now with some confidence that rivers of a country denotes the state of mind of the people living in that country. Which brings to a nice question about the state of rivers in India ? Im not an environmental engineer or a nature expert so I find it difficult to comment on this aspect. But my overall impression is that they are in bad-shape. It would be interesting to get a clear picture of how things are happening from an expert.

(note: the title "tala-cavery" is the name of source of famous "cavery" river in south India)
(meaning: I consider this article as the starting point (source) of my flow of stream of ideas like flow of cauvery river)