Monday, January 02, 2006

GNU Linux notes

Found the following website to be very useful for Fedora Core 4 installation guidelines:

Very good installation guide

Very good installation guide

Guide to setup wireless using fedora

Things which did not work out-of-the-box in fedora on Dell Inspiron 8600:

(1) Wireless settings:
Wireless installation on Fedora had not been quite as easy as I expected.
Still have'n t figured out the exact sequence needed for wifi to work smoothly with my PC.

(2) Sound card problem:
After the first installation, the sound card did not work properly. I found from some news group that we need to use a tool called kmix, and disable external amplification option, so that the sound is played using internal speaker itself.

(3) Nvidia driver support

(4) ACPI and APM support: Did not have option to put the pc in standby mode or suspend or hibernate mode.

(5) Hardware did not detect the correct settings for the the monitor especially resolution.

Ubuntu notes:
Tried using the Live CD from Ubuntu and found to be quite a idea replacement for desktop.
The interface and tools resembled Windows XP a lot. I was wondering any other front-end would come into the world (probably from MS).
The experience was pleasant. I detected my monitor correctly. I did not know how to enable the wireless network from liveCD. I still considering of switching from Fedora to Ubuntu.

Is it good to switch now ?

How to be hacker by Eric Raymond

Other linux related links:

User-Mode Linux:

Cell project from IBM/Sony/Toschiba:

Linux tools:

Concept of GRUB installation not in MBR:


At 2:55 AM, Anonymous Sivakumar MPT said...

Have you tried Ubuntu Breezy Badger 5.10? I use it in my laptop and wireless network detection/use worked out of the box. If you are not bent upon a FC based install, try Ubuntu



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