Friday, November 25, 2005

"The silent battle" - An attempted poem

What is the need for fear ?
break it into pieces and fire,
it is the beginning of a silent battle,
time to take a plunge in this struggle.

The ever flowing blood within the body,
supplies you with the necessary energy ,
with an strong chest and meditating mind,
you can face battle of any kind

Wonderful birth happens only once,
recycling death happens only once,
in between this brief pauze,
fight for some mighty cause.

Let truth be your firing power,
let wisdom be the guiding tower,
let love be your protection -
in this silent battle and agitation

Laziness disguised as friend in need,
the twin devils of lust and greed,
the demons of jeoulousy and endless fright,
these are the enemies to fight.

Throw away the books of How to,
No need for senseless lectures and preaches,
with your will and nature to guide,
everything is possible from your side.

First step will be a misery,
before you can dream of any victory,
with wisdom and truth ever in memory,
who said you cannot create a history ?


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