Monday, November 14, 2005

What a week ! (Nov 5 - Nov 12th)

(Kindly excuse me for the grammar mistake. I don't have time to check nor write slowly, correctly. This is an autobiography article. Please ignore if not interesting. Upcoming article will be the following topics: Prison of mind, State of brahmins and the future)
Last week was quite exciting in a number of fronts. First, I witnessed the first examination after coming back from work. So I felt like Tendulkar back to the pitch after 3 years of rest. You can guess what would have happened. I felt bit rusty to go back to the high-spirted, exciting 2 hours of exam (like one-day match) filled with various interesting questions (like interesting bowlers) and of course I struggled to find my rythm between my pen and mind (like between a bat and mind). Things were not flowing easily (strokes not coming cleanly) and I should say I made an average performance ( like scoring around 50 runs in a one-day).

One exam was on Analysis of Algorithm and the other on Models of Brain. Analysis of algorithm is kind of tricky paper. It is like solving a puzzle. You might get the solutions instantly after seeing the question or you can sit and pull the last strand of you hair until you are totally bald but you might not get the right solutios. So I prepared myself not to stress the brain too much. Because I knew from experience in solving the home-works that it all depends right systematic analysis of the problem and hoping for the solution to come. I read Feynman suggested a nice algorithm to solve problems.
(1) Read the problem
(2) While ( ! correct solution) { Think hard }
(3) Write the solution
I will in the future try to take more course which are focussed on problem solving like the algorithm course, graph theory course, and other course which relies on systematic problem solving techniques. Systematic thinking and problem solving is the forte needed for managing the real-life problems. The book which we used for this course was "Introduction to Algorithm" by CLRS. I should say I was totally impressed with the book.
The explanations are rock solid, the problems are fantastic and once in a while they put some pun (like the explantion for "hash" table). I have to wait and see and also learn to practice more problem for the final exam. Overall, I need to focus and work more on this subject in the coming weeks.
Next was the models of the brain course. Everything in this course is a no-brainer.
Did I tell you the story of the other two intersting course, which I took because of the compulsion of my advisor and dropped later due to scary first week experience/nightmare. They were Digital Communication and the Random Processes course. Both of them is based on probability course - by nemesis.
Many of the aversion towards these course has its base on the undergraduate course which I took and passed with distinction at GCT (no offense to my alma mater).

It is a pity I have a week foundation in the most interesting and most exciting mathematics domain of probability and random processes. The trouble starts for me when we move from simple probability to random variable. More and more I see that many subject in different engineering domain depends upon the probability course. I have made a decision not to let this thing continue and I will be investing more time in the coming days to remove this curse ( the curse of probability inability).

Perhaps the most important thing that happened this week which I wanted to convey is about the experience of joining the new school of meditation called "Sahaj Marg by Sri Ramachandra Mission". Sahaj marg literally means "Natural way". I had the first two sitting with the preceptor ( or local guru ) of this system
on Saturday and Sunday morning. The name of the person who gave me the initial sitting was Dr. Vandana Soni. She is an Ayurvedic doctor at the Newport Beach. I visited her on Saturday and Sunday at 8.00 am in the morning. I caught a bus (No: 79) and reached almost sharply both the days (first surprise). She was very calm/serene person and was very kind enough to spare her precious time for me (I thought of saying fools like me). The process is actually the following. You have to first have a 3, 1 hour each one-to-one sitting with the preceptor of the mission and meditate with her/him. And later there will be a group sitting. I should say the experience was very pleasant. My mind was very clearly functioning (probably it is the influence of the weekends) and I have to wait and see and experience further. I will write in detail about the experience of Sahaj Marg meditation in the future. But, one thing I am trying to be cautious every time I do meditation. I make sure that not one (especially Seenu) will not catch me sleeping during the meditation. Nothing can be more embarassing than that.
Times up. Though I want to write more and more. My watch tells me that it is already 1:35pm. I have a couple of jobs to finish, then sleep and then get up little bit early in the morning for the doing of meditation and then start the work for the day.
Wish me a wonderful week ahead !!!


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Hmm. Spam is everywhere (regarding the cancer site comment)...

Talking about meditation - I'd be interested in practicing something like that. But only after I'm through with my PhD and Polina is somewhat more independent of us. I feel that my mind and soul need rest to recharge their batteries.


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